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Company Description

In 1974 Service Machine Shop, Inc opened its door serving HVAC  Contractors , Plumbing Contractors, Building Owners, and Building Managers. SMS, Inc has been providing its customers the highest quality and exacting services in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area ever since! 


SMS specializes in the following:

  1. Service, Repair & Installation of Air Handling equipment : AHU’s, Exhaust fans, motors, motor bearings, fan shaft, fan shaft bearings, vibration analysis, dynamic balancing etc.
  2. Service, Repair & Installation of HVAC Hydronic Pumps : Complete pump motor skid change out, Chilled Water, Heating Hot Water, Condenser Water, Glycol etc.,.. Pump motors, motor bearings, pump bearings, seals, gaskets, impellers, rotating assemblies and total overhaul and total rebuilds
  3. Service, Repair & Installation of Plumbing Pumps: Ground water pumps, Sewage ejector pumps, Domestic water booster pumps, and associated control panels, Circulating pumps, etc… Pump motors, motor bearings, pumps bearings, seals, gaskets, impellers, rotating assemblies and overhaul and total rebuilds
  4. Service, Repair, and Rebuild of Fire Pumps




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