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Electro-MechanicalJobs.com is a niche Job Posting site dedicated to electric motor repair jobs, compressor repair jobs, generator repair jobs, machinist jobs and the likes (electrical mechanical jobs). Were the Electric Motor Shop Jobs Center! We connect job applicants seeking an electrical mechanical career, with top companies in the USA.

Electrical Mechanical jobs are essential jobs!

Our goal is to increase the public’s awareness of Careers like – electric motor rewinder, servo technician, pump mechanic, compressor technician, sales rep, generator technician, machinist (manual & CNC), panel builder, electrical assembler, field service technician type of jobs. These careers are growing faster then the economy and important to our infrastructure.

The operation of tool making machine control by computer program.Cutting tool making machine control by CNC program. The CNC carbide cutting tool manufacturing process by grinding machine

AC Motors

AC Motors account for a dominant share of the electric motor industry. Based on type, the AC motors segment is predicted to hold a significant market share in the electric motors industry. This growth can be attributed to the increased implementation of AC motors in various products ranging from industrial equipment and motor vehicles to household appliances. Moreover, these are small and lightweight while also being energy-efficient and are increasingly being utilized in HVAC equipment. Furthermore, these are also exceedingly popular in the automotive sector owing to their high efficiency and low cost. These factors are expected to contribute to the overall market growth in the forecast period. AC motors are a big part of the electric motor repair jobs industry.

Why post a Job here?

We are a sole Electromechanical Jobs posting Board. Our niche being we only show electro-mechanical careers like – electric motor rewinder, electronic drive technician, pump mechanic, panel builder, compressor technician, electrical assembler, generator technician, etc. We only allow USA traffic on our site, to insure quality of Candidates.

Being a niche electrical mechanical jobs posting site, when you search the internet for – “pump mechanic jobs in North Carolina or electric motor shop jobs in Hawaii or generator technician jobs in New York or electrical assembler jobs in Ohio” were on the first page. We SEO optimize every Job listings, so your Job posting gets maximum promotion. 

We only allow employers that will attest to our posting procedure. Job seekers feel comfortable know they are dealing with a company with modern standards and ethics.

We do not post Electrician Jobs.

Why search an Electro – Mechanical Job here?

No other niche Jobs posting board has our breadth in this industry. We’ve got job vacancies for electric motor mechanic jobs in Houston, compressor technician jobs in New York, panel builder jobs in Columbus, generator technician jobs in Miami, pump mechanic jobs in LA, servo technician jobs in Chicago, CNC machinist jobs in Detroit and more. Electrical mechanical jobs are only what we do!

Our stringent job posting requirements insure your dealing with a qualified employer that is hiring. Studies show, Job Seekers are more comfortable applying to an employer that meets certain requirements as it is mutually beneficial to the job seeker and employer. 

Employers must attest to the following to post a Job – They are not a Staffing/Placement Agency or Recruiter. They will try to post exclusive Job offers (meaning they wont post it anywhere else). The best value we can give our job seekers is having an electro-mechanical job no one else has, that’s hiring! Thirdly, they will only post Jobs their currently hiring for, no resume collecting.

Check out the U.S. Bureaus of Labor Statistics on the industry.

Electric Motor Industry Trends

The electric motor industry is expected to grow over the next 10 years. Various research firms expect the electric motor industry to be around 200 billion worldwide in 10 year. Almost doubling from 113 billion. 

This growth is expected from robust spending after the spending shortfall from Covid, various infrastructure packages from major economies and the USA’s already robust local market. The USA is expected to benefit immensely as the electric motor repair jobs market can help lower unemployment and raise wages.

Why Electric Motor Shop?

Before the advent of electric motors, most things were done by hand (manually).

Electric Motor Shops – have the distinguish privilege of being the first modern electrical mechanicalized repair Shop. In early days, they sold and repaired pumps and electric motors (electric apparatuses), often times their own private brand. The industry basically was fragmented, with each shop doing their own thing. Over time, the industry saw consolidation, with the emergence of GE & Westinghouse.  

In the beginning, most employees were engineers, as electric motors were considered the cutting edge technology of that day. But as knowledge of it became more common place, most employees today are technicians/mechanics. 

Electric motors enabled advancement:

Tools/Machinery that allow for greater torque, power and mobility, then were otherwise available. 

Being compact, it fostered a number achievements such as the electric bike, car, train and plane. 

Electric motors on water pumps helped the transfer of water from farther away, allowing the irrigation of crops and piping of water to urban areas. 
High powered fans to keep food preserved longer and homes warm in the winter.

Its safe to say, the electric motor is responsible for a great deal of progress in the past century. Interestingly enough, the Electric Motor Shops of old are still around. Some of them almost 150 years old! Making Electric Motor Shops some of the oldest, still operating companies in America.


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Our mission is simply get our Job seekers access to the best companies to work for.

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We value good honest business.

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